About Us

Florida Septic, Inc. produces Precast tanks ranging in size from 300 to 5000 gallons. We maintain an inventory of approximately 1100 tanks to ensure proper curing time and product availability. Our fleet of crane trucks deliver and set our tanks into position on your job site.

Our precast concrete tanks are used for septic, grease interceptors, oil/water interceptors, and storm water. Florida Septic, Inc. also offers models approved for H20 loading, AquaKlear aerobic treatment, Biomicrobics FAST aerobic treatment, and interceptors that comply with section 1003.5 of the Florida Plumbing code. Enjoy the assurance of quality and service from Florida's leading manufacturer of concrete precast tanks.

Treston and Dulcie Vause were founding members of the Florida Onsite Wastewater Association (FOWA) and the Vause Family is a driving force in improving the standards of the septic tank industry.